The perfect product for toilet clogging prevention!

“When in doubt-crush it out!”

Are you tired of your toilet getting clogged and have to plunge all the time?

Are your kids clogging your toilet with excess toilet paper and refuse to plunge?

Is your toilet old with low water pressure, clogging up constantly and afraid it may overflow?

Are the customers and employees clogging your toilet and leaving it for you to plunge the mess?

Perfect for ...





And anything in between!

How it works

Toilet Wizard Wand is made in USA with 3D printing, which makes it very durable and will last a life time. It’s made with 3 twisted blades which are sharp on both sides but not sharp enough to cut your hands so even your children can use it with supervision. 

The wand is simple to use. First cut up the large waste with the wand, then twist in either or one direction to shred up toilet paper and waste that may clog up the toilet. Flush the toilet, flush again and twist the wand vigorously to rinse off any excess left on the wand. If the toilet is already clogged, use the wand to shred up the waste so it will be easier to plunge.  It’s also good to use if you have a septic tank at home or a holding tank in your RV.


Order now, and solve all of these problems!


We donate 10% of the profit to animal rescue groups and organizations: ASPCA, Humane Society of United States, Humane Society International, PETA, Animal Aid of India, Takis Shelter in Greece, Dejan Gacic Sanctuary for dogs in Serbia, Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand, A Lion’s Heart, Twist of Fate Farm and Sanctuary, Hope for Paws, Freedom Service Dogs of America and will be adding more in 2020!


Toilet Wizard Wand sells for $29.99 and when you purchase the product for $34.99, $5 will be going towards opening an animal rescue sanctuary starting in Georgia and also to help the military men and women to assist with their pets during deployment. 

Please share our website to friends and family so we can help more animals and the military.  Thank you so much for your support!


This is not a toy. Intended to use for toilets only.

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